typesetter #1

by typesetter

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released December 12, 2012

produced by j. owen
typesetter is adam, alex, kyle and marc




typesetter Chicago, Illinois




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Track Name: I Don't Do Well With Shame
If this coffee table could talk, It'd betray me, reveal all the lies that I tell myself at night just to fall asleep. Every morning it's the same pounding headache. I don't do well with shame. The blank parts of my night don't put the pieces together. There's always a bartender somewhere. There's a lesson to be learned here; do you think that we'll stay young forever? Every morning it's the same fucking headache. That was the worst ten hours of sleep in my life, but I've no reason to get up. There's a lesson to be learned here; do you think that we'll stay young forever?
Track Name: Young Professionals
It's getting old, what with the dark and drugs in the fold, the dogs in their heat and the ace up my sleeve and the hole in the house where the couch used to be. So shallow, there's no point to remember all the hollow sins we commit in the places we live cuz I am one fucking fortunate fortunate son who isn't usually one to mind sitting here in the twilight. But someone said we could get away. I don't think I believe them but if that's the case I know I would. So it's the fucking daytime, I've been told it's beautiful outside. Nice day for a bike ride. FYI, I don't think you'll catch me anymore around here. We're all broken records. Humming all the same songs all the time rather than change the track and pretend not to laugh when someone suggests "you could be anything you want." Is it so naive to believe there are those who truly just want what's best for us? Or is the hope that I hold to make more of these bones just nostalgia where youth once stood? It's not a lot, but it's what I got and maybe more than I should.

So where's the fallout? They don't know a thing about retribution, condemnation or forgiveness, just self-exemption. And when you go out, just know I've thought all the sums of our parts and our heart to hearts, and I truly believe in what we can become.
Track Name: 1 : 1
I'm passing my prime without a thing to show. The days get darker. The drinks grow stronger while my wits get weaker; we're forever treading water. It's been a long day, I need a beer and a smoke to calm my nerves. When I finish one I'll start the other. The neon signs sure do work sometimes. So I sit down and have another. When I finish one I'll start the other.
Track Name: Hell is Cold
So strange, this clumsy world is outrunning me. It's nothing short of a miracle I'm on my feet. A man more vain than me found hope going northbound chasing dreams, but there's been hope in lower places than a sneaker on a street so old, but hell is cold and there's nothing underneath. And to think we live to darken the ones we love. I know I've done some shit I'm not too proud of. But it's quiet come October, we'll put some mileage on these sins and think it over again. Somehow we've all found ways to survive, but midwest winters eat you alive. Yea verily, a warm body has a way to ease your suffering but we'll wait it out; endurance was always the point. We've all got heavy ways to get by. They wouldn't call them vices if they were light. A neon glow from a homemade halo, cuz no one counts their blessings they just know their sins by heart.